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Cherry Bomb Barberry - - Ocean Nursery
Cherry Bomb Barberry - - Ocean Nursery

Cherry Bomb Barberry

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Botanical Name: Berberis thunbergi Cherry Bomb

Bloom Time: Spring
Size: 1.5m high and wide (5ft high and wide)

Lowest Temperature: -30° to -20°F (-34° to -29°C)
Light: Full Sun to Part Shade
Companion Plants: Hydrangea, Pine, Ornamental Grass
 Zone:  Hardy to Zone 4

Soil: Well-drained

An explosion of colour in the landscape! Compact branching. Small dark burgundy-red leaves. Red berries born in fall through winter. Ideal for hedges or screens. A single shrub makes a wonderful accent.

Key to Success: Fertilize regularly with Tree and Shrub food for best growth. Plant with triple mix and liquid transplanter fertilizer for planting success.

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