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Black mulch - Songsco.com - Ocean Nursery
Black mulch - Songsco.com - Ocean Nursery

Black mulch

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This coloured mulch is ground to a pleasing size and consistency, and is easy to spread. Very popular in recent years, Black Mulch offers a strong rich colour created by using environmentally friendly dye. Size of pieces approximately 1” to 2” to 3” in length x 1/4” to 3/8” in width.

Mulches – are used over gardens and around shrubs and trees, as well as on paths. Their functions are several. They can add to the "finished appearance" of the gardens, as well, they will break down over time, thereby adding nutrients back to the soil.

SPRING TIME – 3"-4" in depth – will retard weed growth, reduce watering by preventing evaporation, and will maintain a cooler, healthier root and soil temperature

FALL TIME – up to 8" will help in insulating against the cold

HOW MUCH DO I NEED? 1 cubic yard bag of mulch will cover 100 square feet at 3" inches

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