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Silveleaf Dogwood

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Botanical Name: Cornus Alba 'Elegantissima'

Plant Type: spreading shrub
Foliage Type: deciduous
Zone: Hardy to Zone 4

Size: 2m high and wide (6.5 ft high and wide)

Flower Color: cream, white
Light: full sun or light to dappled shade; brighter red stems in more sun
Water Requirements: regular watering in well-drained soil but does tolerates wet soil.
Seasonal Interest: red stems in winter, variegated foliage in spring & summer, autumn foliage color
Wildlife Associations: bees, butterflies
Great Color Contrasts: bronze, burgundy, gold
Great Color Partners: white, dark green, variegated, red

Soil: Any type, even wet

A sure-fire winner for year-long interest in the garden! Upright, open, loose appearance. Bright silver-edged leaves on red stems provide excellent contrast. Hardy and easy to grow in any soil. Looks best when massed, or combined with dar-leafed shrubs like Sandcherry.

Keys to success: Trim yearly in early spring to promote dense growth. Use triple mix and liquid transplanter fertilizer for planting success.