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Show Off Sugar Baby Forsythia -
Show Off Sugar Baby Forsythia -

Show Off Sugar Baby Forsythia

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Botanical Name: Forsythia 'Nimbus'

Show Off® Sugar Baby® forsythia is a true miniature selection that delivers more flowers per inch to create an outstanding spring display. Miniature size is perfect for containers or rock gardens. A very compact, dwarf plant which provides lots of spring color in a small space and does not require pruning. Dark green foliage shines all season.

Zone: Hardy to Zone 5
Light: sun or part shade
Size: 0.46-0.76m tall and wide (1.5 - 2.5ft tall and wide)
Pruning: seldom needed; after flowering
Type: Deciduous
Bloom Time: Spring
Flower Color Yellow
Soil: adaptable to most

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