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Peony, Bowl of Beauty - - Ocean Nursery
Peony, Bowl of Beauty - - Ocean Nursery

Peony, Bowl of Beauty

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Botanical Name: Paeonia Lactiflora Group 'Bowl Of Beauty'
Sun Exposure: Full Sun is required for Bowl of Beauty
Soil Type: Normal or Sandy or Clay
Soil pH: Neutral or Alkaline or Acid
Care Level: Easy
Flower Colour: Creamy Yellow, Deep Pink
Blooming Time: Late Spring to early summer
Foliage Color: Deep Green
Flower Head Size: Very Large
Height: 60-75 cm / 23-29 inches
Spread: 75-90 cm / 29-35 inches
Foot Traffic: None
Growth Rate: Slow

Bowl Of Beauty Peony features bold lightly-scented rose cup-shaped flowers with buttery yellow eyes and creamy white anthers at the ends of the stems. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Its compound leaves remain green in colour throughout the season. Requires staking in exposed, windy sites and when soil is very rich. Cut to 4-6" of the ground in preparation for Winter.