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Landscape Fabric Typar 15 Year 1.9oz 3x50ft - Garden Centre - Nursery

Landscape Fabric Typar 15 Year 1.9oz 3x50ft

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  • Features : "• Cost-effective fabric that is durable to last longer and a one-time installation prevents weed growth for years • Both homeowners and professional landscapers appreciate the many benefits of Typar Premium landscape fabric in helping them achieve a beautiful landscape >> TYPAR® Landscape fabric is a unique; lightweight landscape fabric that blocks weeds while letting water and nutrients in. Made from a unique; spun-bonded textile; TYPAR landscape fabric is lightweight and easy to install. The fabric comes in smooth rolls and does not tear; fray; or puncture easily but is easily trimmed with a utility knife or shears. No special equipment required."
  • Brand Name : DeWitt