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Rose, Double Red Knock Out

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Botanical Name: Rosa 'Radtko' The Double Knock Out
Light: Full sun
Height: 3-4
Spread: 3-4’

Spacing: Plant 3 ft apart
Growth Habit: Compact, mounded, bushy
Bloom Color: Cherry red
Flower Form: Flat cupped, single/semi-double
Flower Size: Medium, 3 - 3 1/2”
Petal Count: 5-7
Bloom Season: Nearly continuous, spring to frost
Fragrance: Slightly spicy, light tea rose fragrance
Stem: Thorned
Foliage: Deep mossy green-tinged maroon, with maroon underside
Disease Resistance: Extremely disease and back spot resistant
Soil: Enriched well drained
Zone: Hardy to Zone 5