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Striped Eulalia Grass

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Botanical Name: Miscanthus sinensis 'Varigatus'

Height: 1.2-2m (4-6')

Space: 1.2-2m (4-6')

Light: Full Sun
Foliage is variegated with bright white and green stripes
Bloom Time: September to November
Flower Type: Feathery panicles
Flower Colour: Red turning to silvery-white
Flower Height: 225 cm
Foliage Height: 150-200 cm
Grass Type: Warm Season

Zone:Hardy to zone 5

Clean green and white foliage turns a lovely almond in the autumn. Feathery flower plumes appear in autumn and last through winter. A wonderful way to screen unsightly areas. Especially nice used in waterside plantings or for backing mixed borders. Provides winter interest. Plumes are nice in dried arrangements. 

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