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Tree Peony, 状元红

Tree Peony, 状元红

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Botanical Name: Paeonia Suffruticosa

    1. Plant type: Herbaceous perennial.

    2. Height: Generally grows to a height of 60-90cm, but can grow taller depending on the cultivar and growing conditions.

    3. Flower characteristics: Heavy bloom of large, full, and brightly colored flowers, usually in red or pink; flowers are usually double or semi-double, with a pleasant fragrance.

    4. Flowering period: The flowering period of Chongyang Hong Peony generally lasts over a month, making it a highlight of spring flowers.

    5. Leaf characteristics: Dark green, lobed leaves that are attractive even when the plant is not in bloom.

    6. Hardiness: Chongyang Hong Peony is a hardy perennial that can grow in USDA zones 2-8, depending on the cultivar.

    7. Sunlight requirements: Chongyang Hong Peony prefers full sun to partial shade.

    8. Soil requirements: Chongyang Hong Peony prefers well-draining soil with a neutral to slightly alkaline pH.

    9. Water requirements: Chongyang Hong Peony prefers consistent moisture but can tolerate some drought.

    10. Maintenance: Chongyang Hong Peony requires little maintenance once established, but benefits from regular deadheading and fertilization. It should be divided every few years to prevent overcrowding.