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How do I change the color of Endless Summer hydrangea from pink to blue

The color of Endless Summer hydrangeas can be changed from pink to blue by altering the pH of the soil. Hydrangeas are one of the few plants that can change the color of their flowers based on the acidity of the soil they are growing in. Here are the steps to change the color of Endless Summer hydrangeas from pink to blue:

  1. Test your soil's pH level: You can purchase a soil test kit from a garden center or nursery, or you can send a soil sample to a laboratory for testing. Endless Summer hydrangeas require a soil pH between 5.2 and 5.5 for blue flowers.

  2. Lower the soil pH: If your soil is too alkaline (pH above 5.5), you can lower the pH by adding aluminum sulfate to the soil. Follow the instructions on the package for the appropriate amount to add based on the size of your hydrangea and the current pH level of your soil. This will make the soil more acidic, which will encourage the hydrangea to produce blue flowers.

  3. Monitor the soil pH: Check the pH level of your soil regularly to make sure it stays within the optimal range for blue flowers. You can add additional aluminum sulfate as needed to maintain the proper pH.

  4. Be patient: It may take several months to see the effects of the soil pH change on your hydrangeas. The flowers may start to turn blue in the second year after the soil has been amended.

Note that it's important to be cautious when adding any chemicals to your soil, and it's always a good idea to follow the instructions on the package carefully. Additionally, some Endless Summer hydrangeas may not turn blue even with a lower soil pH due to their genetics, so the results of this method may vary.