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How to mulch a garden

As a nursery, we do a lot of plantings for our customers. Over the years, we have seen many gardens that were not mulched properly. Today, we would like to share some tips about mulching.

When to mulch?

Apply Mulch when the soil surface is dry. During wet periods, mulching may encourage fungal disease.

How much mulch should apply?

A 3" to 4’’ thick  and 3 ft diameter mulched ring is needed for at least two years for trees installed in lawn areas. 1 cubic yard bag of mulch will cover 100 square feet at 3" inches

Can the mulch touch the trunk of trees?

Mulch should never pile up against the trunk, otherwise, it will hold moisture there and may lead to rot. Mulch should not be placed within 10cm of the base of the trunk of trees, and 5cm for shrubs.

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Posted on August 23,2020

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