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Why plant a tree?

We have all been taught that trees are beneficial in many ways but have you ever stopped to think about what exactly IS the value in them? Simply put, trees have the power to transform communities into healthier, more sustainable places.

Everyone knows the basic stuff:

  • Trees play a role in combating climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide which builds up in our atmosphere, and releasing oxygen back into the air. By planting trees you can help clean the air and fight climate change.
  • They provide a habitat for wildlife. With more and more homes being built at astonishing rates, trees play a significant role in providing shelter and food for wildlife. Butterflies, birds, pollinating insects etc all need trees to continue to exist in our environment so planting trees is actually enhancing biodiversity as well.
  • They produce timber, firewood and paper

But did you know that trees increase property value and reduce the use of energy in our homes? Not only do they make our homes more desirable on the real-estate market, strategically placed trees play a significant role in lowering our energy bills throughout the year.  By placing trees in locations that provide shade in the summer and protection from wind in the winter, we are getting instant savings in both heating and air conditioning costs. Planting a tree is like putting money in the bank!

Fighting climate change, reducing energy bills, and providing for wildlife are just a few aspects of just how beneficial trees are. Trees also have an astonishing ability to absorb and retain water, making them a significant part of storm water management. Surface roots quickly absorb water as it seeps into the ground and tap roots use up some of the groundwater, allowing the soil to absorb more and this, in turn helps prevent drainage system overflows.

If that’s not already enough, let’s talk about trees and human health for a minute. Trees make people happier, healthier and more productive. Every tree that we plant helps clean the air, reducing smog and air pollution. We know that air pollution has a direct negative impact on human health and has been linked to many health concerns such as diabetes, cancer, respiratory illnesses and heart disease. Planted trees also increase urban greenspace which as we know, has been shown to reduce our stress levels, a much needed benefit in today’s society. Studies show that looking at trees and green plants slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormone and calms the central nervous system! Patients who can look at trees from their hospital rooms even recover faster and require less medication.

We can think of a wide array of other benefits of trees, such as reducing noise pollution, preventing soil erosion, providing employment in the forestry field, encouraging outdoor activity and providing food. Strategically planted trees around the home contribute to the environment and help improve the life quality in your community so it is fair, in our opinion, to say that trees are life!

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