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Dormant Spray Kit 1L Lime Sulphur + 500mL Oil

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  • Dormant Spray Kit kills over-wintering insects; insect eggs and diseases on fruit trees; roses and ornamentals • Spray is perfect for spraying on fruit trees; roses; shrubs and ornamental flowers • Spray contains 500 mL hort. oil and 1 L lime sulphur
  • Dormant Spray Kit combines lime sulphur insecticide/fungicide and horticultural oil insect spray. For use on fruit trees; roses and deciduous ornamentals for overwintering insects; eggs; oyster shell scale; San José scale; rose scale; black scale as well as over-wintering fungus disease. Apply in early spring before leaf buds show green at tips. Spray on a day when temperature is over 5 degrees Celsius."
  • Brand Name : Green Earth