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Moonshadow Euonymus -
Moonshadow Euonymus -
Moonshadow Euonymus -

Moonshadow Euonymus

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Botanical Name:  Euonymus fortunei 'Moonshadow'

Size:  60 cm high, 1m wide ( 1-2ft high, 3ft wide)
Zone: Hardy to Zone 5

Soil Type: Well-drained
Light: Full Sun to Full Shade
Growth Rate: Medium
Flower Color: Green

A striking new plant that is sure to please. A low mounding broadleaf evergreen. Deep green leaves with a large yellow splash in the middle. A great colour contrast, useful for mass plantings and in the rock garden.


Key to Success: Fertilize regularly with 30-10-10 evergreen food. Planting with triple mix and liquid transplanter fertilizer.

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