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Jobe's Evergreen Tree Spikes 11-3-4 (5/Pkg) - Garden Centre - Nursery

Jobe's Evergreen Tree Spikes 11-3-4 (5/Pkg)

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- 5 spikes feed a tree with a 3" diameter trunk.

- Use 3 spikes for every 2 inches diameter of tree trunk measured at chest height.

- With plastic driving cap, tap spikes into the ground, spaced evenly at the tree's dripline. (Dripline is directly below the ends of the tree's longest branches.)

- When spike is even with ground, remove the plastic cap and continue to push the spike at least 2 inches below the soil surface.

- Never insert spikes closer than 2 feet from the tree trunk. If the dripline is less than 2 feet, insert the spikes at 2 feet from trunk.

- Best results are obtained with three yearly applications: Spring, mid-summer, and fall.

Apply mid-summer and late fall.