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Standard Weeping Mulberry (Fruitless)

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Botanical Name: Morus alba 'Chaparral'

Fruitless Weeping Mulberry

Type: Tree
Family: Moraceae
Height: 3-4m
Spread: 4-5m
Zone: Hardy to Zone 3
Bloom Description: Whitish green
Light: Full sun to part shade
Water: Medium
Maintenance: High
Flower: Insignificant
Tolerates: Drought, Air Pollution
Soil: Well-drained
No berries...no mess! A perfect low maintenance choice.A strong growing non-fruiting variety of Weeping Mulberry. Large heart-shaped dark green leaves. An attractive accent plant that easily works into almost any landscape.
Key to Success: Fertilize regularly with Tree and Shrub food.
Use triple mix and liquid transplanter fertilizer for planting success.